Ask Your Advisor about Dimensional

If you have a financial advisor and are interested in discussing Dimensional’s evidence-based investment approach, these questions may help.

  • Have you heard of Dimensional? If so, what are your perceptions of the firm?
  • What are your views on traditional active managers, index funds, and science-backed systematic strategies like Dimensional offers?
  • What similarities or differences do you see between our current investment philosophy/approach and the approach Dimensional takes?
  • How do Dimensional’s strategies stack up against the strategies we are using or considering?
  • When selecting investment solutions, what factors do you consider, and how might Dimensional’s offerings fit the criteria?
  • Considering my situation, do you think Dimensional’s funds would be a good addition to my portfolio? Why or why not?

You can also encourage your advisor to connect with us directly. We would love to speak with them.

At Dimensional, we believe a qualified financial professional can offer expertise, guidance, and encouragement to help investors pursue a better experience. That’s why we’ve worked with financial advisors for more than three decades—and why we continually seek opportunities to engage with professionals who want to learn more about applying financial science to investing.


Dimensional makes no representation as to the suitability of any advisor, and we do not endorse, recommend, or guarantee the services of any advisor.

Individuals should carefully evaluate any advisor whom they may consider hiring. Individuals are responsible for monitoring their advisor’s investment performance.