Bond Investing in the Current Market, Part 2

In the second of a two-part series, Kaitlin Simpson, CFA and Researcher at Dimensional, further explores principles of bond investing and factors to consider in the current market. During the broadcast, she will discuss the components of a bond’s returns, using global bonds to expand the opportunity set for investors, and the importance of incorporating flexibility in the design, management, and trading of fixed income portfolios. Jake DeKinder, Head of Client Communications, hosts the webcast.

Recording Time Stamps
(00:55)     If I invest in bonds, what can I expect to receive?
(08:37)     Future rates are unpredictable: picking winners, avoiding losers
(12:01)     Using information in bond prices vs. an index approach
(15:04)     Diversification is your friend: U.S. bonds are only one-third of the global bond market
(19:10)     Are high yield bonds riskier? Are global bonds riskier?
(24:16)     Benefits of flexibility when managing bond funds

Bond Investing in the Current Market, Part 1